In year 2000 Freternia recorded the classic masterpiece Dragonsong. This is a re-recorded version with former Freternia members Pasi Humppi and Patrik von Porat. We felt that it deserved the modern production and sound of today. We hope that you will like it as much as we do. It’s been a walk down memory lane with many laughs and nostalgic moments. We would like to thank and salute former Freternia members Tomas Wäppling, Mikael Bakajev, Stefan Svantesson and Tommie Johansson. Without them this song would not even exist.


November 17, 2016
The album is now mastered and ready to be released. The next step is to find a suitable record label that can help us with the distribution.

October 18, 2016
We have recorded everything for our upcoming debut album and are now waiting for the album to be mixed by the legendary Thomas Plec Johansson at The Panic Room studio. We are very happy with how the result after thousands of hours of writing, rehearsing and recording and we think that this will be a killer album.

The Cromonic

In an ancient time when the first men walked the earth the skies opened up and gave birth to Cromonic, the king of heavy metal was born.

Soundbar Meter

Pretty heavy
Melodic enough
Just a touch
Maxed out!